TRES RIOS - STORY LINE, Phoenix Arizona 2011
TR 1

The Story Line follows the water.
Starting at 91st avenue with the thriving cattails, bull rushes, duck weed and algae blooms of the Flow Restricted Wetlands.

Water from the wetlands is released into the Overbank wetlands

our story begins at 91st Avenue where water leaving the treatment plant is flowing into the salt river. This site has a story line that connects people to trees, birds, animals, insects plants and micro organisms.

The water on this site is just visiting, it is on the move who knows where it came from and where it is going. The water you drank last week may be flowing by you at this very moment - it may be “Cleopatra’s Bath water “ from 2000 years ago.
Water is the central unifying character and art can be the animator, guide and provocateur.
Flood Control / water purification / environmental restoration.

competition finalist