WESTERN CANAL, Tempe Arizona 2009



Blue Wave Safety Net
Western Lights

Blue Wave is a net tunnel that provides safe passage along golf course fairways and the western canal. The playful cage structure is designed to feel light and airy for path users who will be semi-enclosed for morethan 1000 linear feet through Ken McDonald Golf Course.

Western Lights: These desert light houses celebrate and mark the impressive Western Canal as it quietly traverses the city. The pillars are illuminated at night by energy efficient LED fixtures, they are located at street crossings where they will be visible to motorists and pedestrians alike. The light bases are cast relief sculptures that abstractly represent Arizona landscape and read:

Water from the Salt River
Runs through the city
water & power
Day & night

Materials used:
Blue Wave Safety Net: Steel, Nylon net fabric
Western Lights: Aluminum, Fiberglass, Led light, Poly carbonate tube

This project was developed in collaboration with EPG.